Plaid B5526

Black & Pink Plaid B5526

It’s time for my favorite pattern again! Butterick 5526! I tried to match my plaids on this shirt. I’ve made a plaid shirt in the past and didn’t match the plaids. I felt guilty about it. Especially after reading fellow sewing bloggers talk about how they hate unmatched plaid. 😳 Talk about feeling ashamed.

B5526 Plaid

I bought this cotton plaid from Jo-Ann Fabrics during a red line clearance sale. Cotton is so easy to sew with and feels so soft and comfy.


I did change things up a bit with the matching. I cut the cuffs and the button placket on the bias. I wish I would have done the collar too.


The plaid matches from the top to the bottom! Woo-hoo

I thought I made it through this shirt without having to pull out the seam ripper. I’m not that lucky. I sewed the seam on the wrong side of the sleeve and attached it to the shirt. When I tried it on, the sleeve placket was on the inside of my wrist instead of the outside. Doh!

Button Bias

The plaid doesn’t match as well on the front but it’s not that far off. I think the button placket distracts from this because it breaks it up. Hehe

After fixing my stupid issue, we have a cute black and pink plaid shirt. By the way, I’m a super lazy sewist and this shirt has been done for a couple weeks. I needed to add buttons and button holes. It took me two weeks for my lazy butt to decide to.


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