Hubby Feed Bag Rescue

My Hubby has what we call a feed bag. It’s a canvas bag he’s had for about 6-7 years that he carries food, a few magazines and who knows what else to work. He used to carry a plastic bag with his personals. I told him he needs something nicer so we picked up a canvas bag from Hobby Lobby and some patches to accessorize with. I did not make him a bag because this was prior to my sewing skills.

Before Bag

Broken Handles

After 6-7 years of daily wear and tear he broke one of the straps and the other was getting dangerously close. I rummaged through my fabric stash for some black fabric. I didn’t have canvas but I had some sort of black, kind of heavy, stretch fabric. I figured if I sewed through it enough the stitches would keep it from stretching.

Flat Strips

I measured the “good” strap to see the length I would need to cover. I cut two pieces 3″ x 7″. I serged all four sides in each piece. I turned the shorter end over and top stitched it.

Underside Handle

For the “good” strap, I wrapped the fabric around the strap meeting the two sides in the middle. I turned the top piece under to hide the serger stitches and stitched down the middle. To make it tougher, I stitched to the left and right of the middle line.

Finished Handles

For the broken handle, I sewed the new piece into a tube. I trimmed off the shredded ends and slipped the tube over those ends. I sewed the same way as the “good” strap. Three lines of stitching down the new piece.

Handles Bag

Finished Bag

Not too hard of a task but one that makes Hubby happy. Hopefully his feed bag will last another 10 years of torture.

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