Plaid Pencil

This was sort of a refashion. I pulled apart a dress I didn’t like and used the fabric to make a skirt. So I shopped for fabric in my own closet…yup. Now I’m sure you’re thinking if it was a dress you cut off the top part add a waistband and boom! Skirt. Yeah, no. When the dress is cheap and the plaid doesn’t match-up you need to tear it all apart and start new.

skirt left

See. Matching. I have a black pencil skirt that I used as a pattern for my new one. When I say pattern, I pretty much just needed to know how wide to make it and how to curve from the hips through the thighs.


One great thing about the dress, it had a lining so I used it again in the skirt. Plaid, stretchy fabric and tights don’t mix. By the time I would walk all the way into work, I would end up with a belt.


The waistband on the skirt ended up being really thin. Not really a big deal because I don’t tuck my shirts in. If for some reason I changed my mind, a wide belt would suffice to cover the weirdness.

skirt front

Decently easy project to put together. Plus I was really needing more cold weather skirts. I’m such a skirt girl anymore. Yay for no pants days!


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