Camera Wrist Strap

Hubby gifted me a new camera over the holiday. Have I mentioned he’s awesome? Anyways… When I would use my film SLR camera I always wound the neck strap around my hand and would shoot that way. I guess common sense finally hit me and I decided to make a wrist strap.


I had a few clips in my stash and I pulled a few different fabrics to choose from. I ended up with a hot pink broadcloth and satin. Two completely different ends of the spectrum in fabric types but whatever.

pink broadcloth

The clips I have, have a 1″ wide space for the fabric to loop through. I cut my fabric at 11″ by 2 1/4″. This gave me a 1″ wide band and about a 10″ loop for my wrist.

full strap

I wasn’t thinking fully by the time I got to this project. (I was binge sewing 😜) I didn’t figure in space to sew a square with an ‘X’ to give the strap a bit more security near the clip. I sewed two lines near the clip and called it a day.

wrist strap

I really like how it turned out. If I do decide to make a neck strap, I’ll be sure to add in space for a more secure set of stitches. I’m really spazzy about the camera so I’ll hang onto the camera at all times but the wrist strap is really just a safe guard if it slips out of my fingers.

FYI: I used this at a concert earlier in the week and it really was perfect. The camera felt safe and secure the entire time. Super happy!


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