Recapping 2014

Well it’s the end of my first year of blogging. Actually not even a full year, I started in July. My main reason for making my blog was to track all the crazy stuff I make. If anyone else gets enjoyment out of that, I’m super happy.

So let’s do a top three and a crappy three. I don’t have that many projects on here so three sounds about right.

3 Palazzo Pants

My first pants. They may not be regular fitted pants like I’m currently trying, but they’re pants. They’re comfortable, flowy and flashy. I love them!

2 River Song Diary

One of the cooler things I’ve made this past year. And then I just give it away at the end. I’m a big Doctor Who fan and so is my bff. It’s easy to make her gifts. If I’m going to be uber excited about something so will she. I do plan on making another of these for myself because it’s that fantastic to me.

1 Hubby’s Peach Cobbler

This one has to be on the list because it was my first post. The cobbler was made in love. Not only was it for my husband’s b-day but it’s also my grandma’s recipe. I can’t make this without thinking of her. Great warm and fuzzies.

3 Scrappy Cat Bed

This makes number 3 because the kittens don’t use it. I thought it was such a great idea. It was warm, squishy and adorable. Well, they could care less.

2 Roman Shade Disaster

The title says it all on this one! I hated making this. The end result isn’t too bad but all the grief gets this one placed on the crappy list.

1 Frankenstein Cupcakes

The ultimate fail for me. The amount of powdered sugar that went into these still grosses me out. The construction was ridiculous and they looked really sad in the end. The ultimate crappy craft of 2014. Congrats you disgusting little monsters.

Hopefully there will be great things on the horizon next year. I have some projects in mind.
– I’m making my very first muslin and it’s for pants. 😳 (so terrified of pants!)
– I bought satin fabric for some pajamas. Super girly, flowery pajamas!
– I’m sure there be more skirts because I love the “no pants” days.
– Maybe I’ll even sew up something for Hubby.
– Then there’s always weird things that pop up during the year that requires something fun and creative. Those are typically fun and quick.

Whatever the new year brings you bet your sweet behind I’ll be busy making something. I mean the name is Mac’s Crafts people! 😆. Have a safe and Happy New Year. Hello 2015!


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