Capri Activewear

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing plain materials being used in activewear for women. I want funky patterns and colors! I don’t think that’s a strange request.

One of the things I was adamant about picking up in NYC was some spandex. I’m making my own fun workout pants. And really, what’s more encouraging than pretty clothes to wear when working out? I picked mine up at either Spandex World or Spandex House. I feel really bad I can’t remember which it was.

I prefer to wear capris when I workout. The length has to be decently past my knee for maximum comfort. I have Reebok compression capris and my main complaint about those are they hit my natural waist and feel like they’re going to strangle my poor belly button. I’m constantly either folding them over or trying to keep the band at my hips by tugging. I’m sure if anyone watched me workout they would think I have ants in my pants.

I was spurred into making my own pants after seeing Lauren and the girls at Coletterie (who felt kitty kat inspired) versions. Too fabulous!! For mine, I made my own pattern from the instructions “How-Tuesday: Design and Sew Your Own Leggings” from Cal Patch that you can find here. I know it says leggings in the title but it’s a fine and dandy tutorial for workout pants. I mean both are stretchy and typically look like a second skin so we’re all good.

Making the pattern was the most time consuming part. It’s nothing exciting, but the main thing to draw your attention to is difference between the front and back rise. The high back ensures no plumber butt if you measure right. Now that I have it I can make more capris. *insert evil laugh here* Yes, there are plans for more capris in the future. I already have the fabric in my stash. 😆

WARNING: These are probably the most uncomfortable pictures for me to take. I’ve packed on the pounds after my g-ma passed away last year and taking them off isn’t going to well. I tried to use the most flattering shots and enough of them that you can see how bright, vibrate and easy to construct they are. Also, the picture quality sucks because I couldn’t take them on the new, awesome camera Hubby gave me but that’s a bit of a long story so onward!

Butt Capri?w=620
This is as close to a butt shot as you’re getting. But you can see no baggy areas back there.

Belly Capri?w=620
The waist sits right where I’m most comfortable below my belly button! The top of the capris have a piece of fabric folded over a piece of wide elastic then it’s stitched to the legs.

Front Capri?w=620
Everything on these we’re done with my serger except for a zig zag stitch I put at the very bottom of the pants. Is it weird I’m happy they don’t give me camel toe? 😏 FYI, that’s Frankie butt in the picture.

Muscle Capri?w=620
Me trying to amuse Hubby. The capris have an inseam on the legs, the crotch seam and then the one around the waistband. I stitched the bottom of the legs too for a cleaner look but I really think you could do without it.

Quick and easy project to end the year on. I can’t wait to make another pair!


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