Floral Secretary

This shirt was supposed to be made during the summer (oops!). It is made out of the same type of material as this shirt. I wanted a secretary style shirt and I thought with the floral fabric it would look great and be ultra feminine. Of course now it’s winter but that’s okay because that’s what cardigans are for.


This fabric was bought at the same Joann’s Red Line sale that I bought the other. It’s some sort of see through poly. (I don’t know fabrics all that well. For all I know it’s a cheap version of chiffon.) What I have failed to mention is that the previous button up shirt has a hole in it. This stuff is not the nicest thing to sew with. I have a serger and used it on both shirts. Not really sure how I can keep the fabric from fraying out on the edges even after being sewed together.


On the secretary shirt I cheated, I had two very small spots that needed attention on the ruffles because they frayed out. I used some fray stop and very carefully put it in the seam. I’m hoping that will help and last through the washings it’s going to go through.


The shirt is made out of four pieces. The front, back and two lengths for the tie. Did I mention this was “Jamie Drafted”? It’s a pretty boxy shape but the fabric is super drapey so it falls in all the right places. I did use a small piece of black interfacing on the collar so it stands up. Did you know they make black interfacing!?! I didn’t but this opens new possibilities.


Really, this shirt took way longer than it should have. Actually all my sewing projects take longer than they should because I don’t have a designated sewing space. I have to haul out the sewing machine or serger and plop them on the coffee table.


The things I would have changed about this shirt is probably a different fabric, made the neck bigger (fitting my head through is a bit snug) and possibly sewing the ties down a bit further along the collar. I’m still really happy with it… As long as it holds together. 😜


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