NYC Crochet Hat

Over the weekend I had my first trip to NYC! In my preparations for my trip, I did inventory of my best cold weather items. I noticed I was lacking a good hat. I have plenty of cutesy hats but if I’m running around New York in the cold I must be prepared!

My whole trip boils down to 13 crazy hours. A co-worker and I are taking a bus from Ohio to New York overnight and spend 7am to 8pm running amuck. We carefully made a list of everything we wanted to see in our little time. High on both our priorities is seeing the Statue of Liberty and hitting the Garment District.

I’m one of those people that needs to plan (let’s be honest, over plan) a trip. I need to know what’s there, how much, how long does it take and so on. My travel companion tends to be the “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of girl. Two completely different people. She is gracious enough to humor me and super plan with me.

So here’s (almost) everything we hit:
Staten Island Ferry – where you can see great views of the Statue of Liberty and the skyline of Manhattan. By the way, it’s free!
Mood Fabrics
Paron’s Fabrics
Spandex World
Empire State Building
Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market
Times Square
Grand Central Station
Rockefeller Center

That’s the main places. We hit a few more shops in the garment district and around the city. It was completely overwhelming. The amount of people, the places to shop, and the things to see. I was amazed at how small everything was compared to what it looks like on tv.

I do have to say every New Yorker we spoke to was nice and extremely helpful. The subway is not scary (it’s surprising clean and the tile work at the stations is amazing!) and it’s a great cheap way to get around the city.

Okay enough blabbing here’s about the hat:

The awesome hat I made comes from Yarn Inspirations called Twist ‘N Shout Slouchy Hat.

I’m a fast crocheter so I knew I could get this done quickly. The piece that took the longest was the band of the hat. Slip stitches and only catching the back loop is a bit time consuming but it makes for a nice stretchy band. I did stray from the instructions when it says to use a faux fur ball as your pom. I made a big one with left over yarn I had.


Riding the Staten Island Ferry in style!


I wear my hats back pretty far on my head but it still covers my ears. If you’re going to wear this hat farther forward you would need a smaller band.


I love the stitches on this hat! It gives it just enough visual interest and the stitches are tight together to keep the wind from whipping through.


A look at the big pom. I think it still could have been bigger. It also could have been a different color from the hat such as hot pink or purple. I’m happy with the grey on grey for now. It’s easy enough to change later if I choose.

Eventually I’ll finish knitting a scarf to go with the hat but I suck at knitting. It’s my first knitting project that I started in the spring. It’s not getting very far. Maybe in a few years I’ll have a scarf.


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