Roman Shade

Roman Shade Disaster

Within the first week of having the twins in the household, they decided to rip my curtains in the bathroom. Honestly, they are old and came with the house so they needed to be changed anyways. I guess I could look at it as the twins doing me a favor. šŸ˜’

I’ve been ogling roman shades online for awhile now. Per usual, I read 50 tutorials before settling on how I was going to make mine. I wanted to make them sit outside the window like a normal curtain. I also wanted them to be completely washable so the dowel rods that give it rigidity need to come out.

I chose a green apple color broadcloth as my fabric. I wanted a white fabric with visual texture but I’m working with what Joann’s has to offer. I picked up all my supplies there. Fabric, blackout backing, roman shade tape, dowel rods, nylon cord and even a new curtain rod. I’m very thankful for coupons! Don’t forget they take a Hobby Lobby coupons too.

Construction began. It was going so well. One large rectangle of blackout fabric, sew on the roman shade tape in intervals. Then put broadcloth and blackout fabric together and sew along the tape again. I hemmed three of my edges leaving the top for last to see how much I needed to wrap around the new curtain rod.

Roman Down?w=620

The shade just touches the ledge. The edges of the left and right side of the curtain sit 1″ outside the window.

This is where it started to go wrong. I needed to put up the new curtain rod and I completely forgot. Sometimes I question my own intelligence. With the new one up, I wrapped the shade around and pinned it to the proper length. So with the that sorted I went to stringing the back.

Yet again I checked out a bunch of tutorials. The most popular seems to go up one side then move diagonal up to the other corner. Let’s get to the point, don’t do that! I don’t have a picture of what it does but it makes it flair out on one side into a fan shape. Thus continuing the train of wrong. I ended up restringing three times all different ways. The best way is two strings fed from the bottom up then take one across to the side you want the pulley to be.

What to do at the top to hold the string? Good question. It took me three different items around the house (all that I sewed on and eventually removed) because I didn’t want to go buy a billion plastic rings that I’m never going to use again. The best and final item I used was the eye part of a hook and eye assembly. It has two points to sew on and the loop is just big enough for the thread.

Roman Back?w=620

Hopefully from this you can see the string and the eyes at the top. It might be hard to see with all the white on white.

Roman Up?w=620

The only thing that I’m missing is the cleat that goes on the window frame to wrap the string around. Currently it’s looped on a hook that is near.

I hated this project. I was so excited at the beginning and then it went south as soon as I started fussing with the length of the curtain. I made Hubby promise me that if I ever mention making one of these again to stop and remind me of all the trouble (and the mountain of cussing) that occurred.


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