Wibbly Wobbly Halloween Costume Part 3

Finally the last of post of my first series! I’m so excited to complete it. Not only did I finish my costume successfully but I also completed a Pinterest project. More to come on that tomorrow…


The bow-tie piece of the costume was by far the easiest. It took 20 minutes to make. You can find tons of patterns for free online. I do suggest making a trial one before creating the one. I made one out of extra fabric I had in my stash. I couldn’t get the thing to turn right side out. The collar piece was too small. I corrected this by making it a smidge wider. I also didn’t use interfacing on the bow-tie. I used a lightweight denim so the fabric already had nice structure to it.

Bow-tie ful?w=620

The toughest part of a bow-tie is tying it! I found the best tutorial on YouTube. Created by Offshoreorganbuilder, this video gives a precise, easy to understand tutorial. Dude, you are the best! I got this bad boy tied in one try.

Questionable Sonic?w=620

For the non-Jamie made items, I turned up a pair of dress pants I had at the bottom. Very much like the pants Matt Smith wore for his tenure as the Doctor. I didn’t have lace up boots so I stuck with my “almost everyday” boots.

This is me feeling unsure about my awesomeness with my mini sonic.

Aggressive sonic?w=620

I then realized ” Yes, yes I do look awesome with my sonic!” Imagine the epic cabinets I could assemble!


I leave you with the best selfie I took of the day. Btw… That is a Tardis in the corner of the full length shots. That’s a whole other post though!

Happy Halloween! Geronimo!!!


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