Wibbly Wobbly Halloween Costume Part 2

First and foremost I want to apologize. I meant to have this posted over the weekend and I got sick. I’m still not feeling great and it’s so evident in the pics below. For my first series, it’s not coming off as planned.

For the second piece of my costume, I made the waistcoat. I used Butterick 5359 version C. I had a few adjusts to this piece. I added more buttons then the pattern called for. It called for 4, I did 5. I wanted to add welt pockets to the front like the Doctor’s waistcoat but because of the princess seams I can’t fit them in. Unless I wanted to put one dead center of the seam and that’s just tacky.


Just noticed that the middle button isn’t fastened! Oops! This pattern made me mad. The back piece of the pattern fit fine. When I got to the front fitting, I would have had to have giant watermelon boobs for this to fit properly. I don’t know who they sized this pattern on, but geez!


It really didn’t come out too bad. It took me a while to select the fabric for this. I went to JoAnn’s which is really one of the only choices around where I live. Needless to say I couldn’t find anything I wanted unless I wanted to try to dye something. I bought this violet grey suiting at Fashion Fabrics Club. I had a hard time seeing the violet in it. Even when it arrived I couldn’t see it.


For the lining, I selected eggplant apparel lining that I did find at JoAnn’s. Not until I put the outer and inner fabric side by side did I see the touch of violet come out in the suiting. I found the buttons at JoAnn’s too. They don’t match the one in the pic from last week but they resemble the second waistcoat that Matt wears.


I can’t get over how squished my face gets when I laugh. Ack!

After dealing with the fit issue, the vest came together pretty well. There’s a weird line I would adjust on the front edge near the arm area if I make another waistcoat. I also would make sure I buy enough purple thread so I don’t run out before I make the buttonholes. 😦


I would have made the waistcoat a bit longer too. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t touch the top of my pants. I’m not too fond of the break in between waistcoat and pants.

Later this week, I’ll reveal the whole outfit. That’s if I can figure out how to tie the blasted bow-tie!


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