Wibbly Wobbly Halloween Costume Part 1

This is going to be a three part series. It’s my first series! Oh my gosh! Not really sure why it excites me but it does. Normally I don’t dress up for Halloween. Having nowhere to go in costume is typically the primary reason. Last year, I would say on a whim but it was more “I want to dress up because I’m not a fuddy duddy!”, I picked up some fairy wings and antenna at the dollar store. It was a simple, ninth hour kind of costume. This year I decided I would put more effort into it and make something more worthy of my talents.

I did have some rules I wanted to adhere to.
– It couldn’t be inappropriate for work. No boobs, butt, or skin tight outfits.
– It has to be something that I can make. Some of the items can come from my closet but the majority have to be sewn.
– Lastly, the items should be able to be worn again. I don’t want to put a lot of time into something and never use it again.

So what did I decide to make? A button-down shirt, waistcoat and most importantly a bow-tie, because bow-ties are cool. What does all this equate to? The Doctor! I picked the eleventh Doctor aka Matt Smith. I picked his later outfit with the purple bow-tie. I already have black pants and boots so I need the upper half. Now my boots are heeled and have some buckles going on. It’s not going to be 100% on but I’m cheap (poor). Here’s the inspiration.


First on the menu is the periwinkle button-down. I went to my old friend Butterick 5526. This will be the third time I’ve made this shirt. It’s easy, fits me well and feminine. I can make this bad boy right out of the bag or I guess I should say envelope.


I used a quilting fabric for this. 😕 Jo-ann’s doesn’t believe in carrying shirting. The fabric is cotton/poly.


I do love all the seams on this shirt. I think it’s so flattering and clean.


That’s so my smug face. I love when things come together as they should.


Here’s the front princess seams. The waistcoat will have the same seams so everything will look fitted and tailored.


Here’s the inside. I used my serger on all the seams then my sewing machine for top stitching. I like the cleanliness but also the clothes hold up better in the wash. I hate being super careful with the Jamie-made stuff compared to the ready to wear.


Okay, on this pic you can see the top stitching but also how puckered the fabric is. Argh! I ironed this before taking the pic but oh well. You can see how well the buttons matched the fabric. I do love that. I also scorched the fabric a bit because I put the iron up to high. Whoops! Onward to the waistcoat!


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