Butterick Pattern 5526 & 5711: Mix and Match

I bought this pretty floral fabric from Joann’s during one of their Red Line sales. I couldn’t tell you exactly what it is but I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of polyester.
I decided to mix a couple patterns. To be more specific, Butterick 5526 version D and Butterick 5711 version B. I wanted the feminine bodice cut of 5526 but the girlie puffy sleeves of 5711. I also left off the collar. I made pattern 5526 before using a plaid cotton. The pattern was easy and came together nicely so I thought I would give it a go again.

This fabric was a bit of a pain to deal with. It’s light and flimsy. Running it through my serger wasn’t too bad but doing any top stitching with my sewing machine ended up in a cussing match. I like to think that I won. I did come out with a great shirt.
You can see that the fabric is pretty sheer. So I have a tank top underneath, which shows when the sun shoots through the fabric. The seams along the front and back of the shirt really help to give it a feminine feel. It also fits to the body accentuating curves and trust me I’ve got plenty of that! You can see the collar band in this pic. I mainly left the collar off out of laziness but I’m super happy with the results.
So professional and squinty. The sun was all to happy to try to blind me. You can see the poofiness of the sleeve. It’s longer than the drawing on the pattern. I didn’t want my arm to feel like it was being choked so I added a bit of length.

Here’s an up close and personal look at that little bit of top stitching. I only did top stitching on the collar, arm, and front bands. Normally, I would have top stitched the front and back seams but honestly you can barely see the seams anyways so it would have been a complete waste of time.

I did buy another print of this fabric. I was planning on doing the same pattern but I’ve scrapped that idea. I’d rather do something else with it only because of the time it took to fuss with it.


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